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Sep 28, 2021

Amazon announced new products including: a home robot, smart thermostat, 15" Echo Show, Amazon Glow, Halo View band, and more...
Amazon just had their annual September event and here are the highlights:
  • The $60 Amazon Smart Thermostat can detect when you're home, learn your preferences, and adjust the temp accordingly.
  • The $250 Echo Show 15, with a 15.6-inch 1080p display, has a wall mount, picture frame mode, picture-in-picture, and more.
  • The $300 Amazon Glow, a video calling device for kids and families, with an 8" display and projector that creates a 19" touch-sensitive area in front of it (here's an Amazon Glow demo video).
  • The $1,000 Amazon Astro, their long-awaited home robot. Best described as a combination between a Roomba and an Echo Show, Astro can be used for home surveillance and to bring you a beer (according to their Astro introduction video).
  • Updates to Alexa to let you teach her to identify sounds, like the beep your refrigerator makes when the door is left open.
  • The $80 Halo View fitness band (to take on Fitbit), with an LED screen and seven days of battery life. They also announced the Halo Fitness service that will have a series of workout videos and Halo Nutrition to help plan meals.
  • Amazon also opened an invite-only program for its previously-announced Always Home Cam, a $250 home surveillance drone.

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