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Jul 28, 2021

Big tech earnings report: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Tesla all report outstanding results.
Their performance is linked to the pandemic: people are staying at home, shopping online more, and consuming more ads.
Here's a quick rundown of the results these companies reported:

Apple Q3 revenue: up 36% YoY ($81.4B), net income: up ~50% to $21.7B (from $11.2B YoY), services sales: up 32% to $17.4B (from $13.2B YoY), iPhone sales: almost 50% increase from last year! (to $39.6B). Mac revenue: $8.24B. iPad revenue: $7.37B. Earnings report

Alphabet Q2 revenue: up 62% YoY ($61.9B), operating income: up 31% YoY ($19.36B). Total ad revenue: up 69% ($50.44B). Google Cloud operating loss: down to $591M. Earnings report. YouTube Q2 ad revenue: up 84% YoY to $7B (from $3.81B). YouTube says their Shorts feature now has 15B global daily views, up from 6.5B in March. Link

Microsoft Q4 revenue: up 21% YoY ($46.2B), net income: up 47% YoY ($16.5B), commercial cloud revenue: up 36% YoY ($19.5B), LinkedIn revenue: up 46% YoY. Earnings report

Tesla Q2 revenue: $12B (almost double last year), profits passed $1 billion for the first time. Tesla had its most profitable quarter yet, despite supply chain issues. They also said their $1.5B bitcoin investment was now worth $2.48B. Earnings report
Photo by RN in TECH

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