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Jun 16, 2021

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is auctioning his original source code for the web as an NFT.
This would be the first time he would be able to raise money directly from his invention of the world wide web. "The idea is somebody might like a digitally signed version of the code, a bit like plenty of people have asked for physically autographed copies of the book" Berners-Lee said. It will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s and this could be a turning point in interest in NFTs beyond artwork and sports memorabilia. Berners-Lee is no billionaire, unlike other founders of prominent web companies. Link

Update: Tim Berners-Lee auctioned the source code for the World Wide Web as an NFT called "This Changed Everything" for $5.4M. The winning bidder was undisclosed. Link
Photo credit: Paul Clarke

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