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Sep 9, 2021

Amazon launches Fire TV Omni Series, its first smart TVs, starting at $410 and shipping in October.
As rumors had it, Amazon launched their first-ever Amazon-built TVs, with two lines: the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series, for $410 and up, which provides hands-free Alexa voice navigation, and the value priced Fire TV 4-Series line, for $370 and up.
The Fire TV Omni Series will be available in three screen sizes: 43-inch ($409.99), 50-inch ($509.99) and 55-inch ($559.99), 65-inch ($829.99), and 75-inch ($1,099.99) models.
The Fire TV 4-Series line (which doesn't have far-field microphones so no hands-free Alexa voice support, but comes with an Alexa voice remote) will be available in 43-inch ($369.99), 50-inch ($469.99) and 55-inch ($519.99) screen sizes.
Photo credit: Amazon

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